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Spring Allergies and Contact Lenses

Spring Allergies and Contact Lenses

itchy_eyesSpring has finally arrived in Arkansas...or as my patient this morning said "the pollen is fallin'".  

After the harsh winter, I think we can all agree that we are excited for the change in seasons.  The one thing you probably are not excited about though is the return of your spring allergies.  The tree pollen is at a high level and mold is not far behind and your eyes will let you know.

Here are some tips to help you through the spring time, especially if you are a contact lens wearer like I am:

1.  Change your clothing and wash your hands after being outside:  We can all witness the pollen turning our vehicles a nice shade of green/yellow.  That same pollen also gets on you and your clothing.  By changing clothes and washing your hands, you will eliminate some of your exposure.  

2.  Rewetting drops:  Using artificial tears can help rinse away the allergies and provide some relief of irritation.  Ask your eye doctor which brand they recommend for you.

3.  Allergy medicine:  You may already take over the counter allergy medicine, but that does not always do enough for your eye allergies.  If your eyes itch, turn red, or get watery during allergy season, you may need to schedule an appointment with us to get a prescription for an allergy eye drop.

4.  Wear your glasses:  During allergy season, your eyes may need a break from contact lenses.  Not only will your eyeglasses act as a barrier between your eye and the pollen, but your eyes may be more comfortable without your contact lenses during high pollen times.

5.  Consider daily contact lenses:  Wearing a new, fresh pair of contact lenses has been life changing for me.  The fresh feeling you get with a brand new pair of your extended wear contact lenses, you get everyday with dailies.  Our office carries the latest in comfort and technology of daily contact lenses.  If you currently wear contact lenses or are interested in trying them, call our office to schedule an appointment to discuss them more in depth.

If eye allergies cause you severe irritation or pain, make an eye care appointment at Eye Care Arkansas for a comprehensive eye exam. Share your concerns with your eye doctor, so that they are able to diagnose whether there are any additional underlying problems.

Dr. Sarah S. Lunsford, O.D.


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